Welcome to our website!  We believe God has a plan for you!  His plan doesn’t necessarily include prosperity or good health or even what most would describe as happiness.  His plan for you includes so much more!  God is not interested in making you comfortable.  His plan and dreams for you are much bigger.  You were made to grow and thrive through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  God’s dream for you is to know Jesus and make Him known.  His plan for you is to grow deeper in faith and dig deeper into His Word and then to reach out–to live in such a way that you point to the One true hope for all people–Jesus Christ.  We encourage you to come as you are, you don’t have to clean up your act to attend.  You don’t have to dress the part or speak the language here.  Bethel is  a body of people who simply want to connect with God and each other. So we invite you to come out and see for yourself what’s happening at Bethel Church! 


Pastor Jeff Stephan

Worship Service 10:30-11:30am
Sunday School 9:30-10:15am
  Pre-K-5th Grade Class
  6th-8th Grade Class
  Senior High-Adults Class
Hope to see you here!
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